Anadrol test deca gains

Like I said prior brother no disrespect and I mean that. I've been dragged through the mud in this thing called life myself brother, addiction alcohol issues, felonies the whole nine. We are not that different and I do not put myself on a pedestal or talk down to anyone, If I came accross that way I apologize. I'm in a great place today brother and my words are only meant with the intent to help and guide based on my mistakes and things I thought I knew but through trial and error realized I was soooo off base. From the stats you put up of 210 and 5-10, I'd say you prob have some BF to drop unless your already just pretty solid, but based on your lifestyle, work and the on the go mentality you prob need to eat more. I know its tough, I' a construction Project manager and am all over the place between my two contracts and am forced to eat on the road often. I like the protein intake you mentioned, but what you need to do is figure out what you maintenance calories are based on your lifestyle. Everyone is different, but if you're trying to grow, dont negate the carbs and fats as well. You need to find the balance that works for you and unfortunately no matter what I write in this post, theres a good chance it will NOT work for you we are all very different beings, diet metabolism and just genetics are huge factors in it all and for me it took just a lot of trial and error over the years. On top of that even with a good foundation, there are members here who still teach me things daily. We are a family and always looking to help. KEEP POSTING PLEASE! It keeps MG what it is and after seeing some further posts of yours, I can see how you do have some experience. Just keep reading and asking. When we think we have it all figured out we become unteachable and the growth stops. Always be open to new ideas theories and soak up others experience here. Freind request some people or post and ask questions. Google TDEE Calculator and start there. They are free, fill it our based on your stats and see what your maintence calories are. (What you burn daily just by being awake) Adjust these up for growth and down for cutting. Its way more in depth than that but thats the start. Nail down supplementation pre and post workout. I see people go to the gym and go HARD, not drink water, not have post workout protien and then don't eat for three hours, all seem like "no big deal" to the regular gym goer, but man these things are important. Combine these things with a basic test cycle man and the results can be GREAT. I'm here to help just as many others in this post are. Stick Around and +1 for hanging in there Brother Welcome Again!

The way people use Dianabol these days is just insane, 40mg in a day and more. Maybe it's just me but if I take my Dbol 40mg a day I feel absolutely terrible, headache is insane and blood pressure so out of control. I have heard that there a lot fake Dbol out there and most likely the reason people use it so much these days is they take "Dianabol" that is actually Methyltestosterone which is way less powerful drug and cheaper to make. Real stuff also seems to be quite hard on at least my stomach as I get a lot of heartburn after taking so small quantities.

Anadrol test deca gains

anadrol test deca gains


anadrol test deca gainsanadrol test deca gainsanadrol test deca gainsanadrol test deca gainsanadrol test deca gains