Anavar vs dbol

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Anadrol is King.. Ive been at this for a long time, i have used Anavar, dbol, tbol, winny and i have to say Anadrol is king.. We all know that orals are tough on the body, and all the other gear i have mentioned doesn't pass my pros vs cons, to inject products out there. i just got off a 5 week kickstart of 150mg ed of A50, and i went from 300lbs to 320 in 28 days... thats alot for a guy who has been ON for about the last three years. I.. m bulking for a show this summer and im already at my 20 week bulk goal in 28 days and now the other compounds im on can solidify what ive gained... You want to turn heads.. in the gym and anywhere you go bro, Anadrol, Anadrol, Anadrol, stack it with 20 weeks of 1000mg of test E !! I had a guy ask to take a picture with me at the Red Wings game the other night, thought I was a pro!!! Nothing gets you bigger Then Anadrol and test... there is no substitute

Anavar vs dbol

anavar vs dbol


anavar vs dbolanavar vs dbolanavar vs dbolanavar vs dbolanavar vs dbol