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This goes into more detail about the genetic mutation responsible for Gilbert's Syndrome. Genetic mutations are given a asterisk notation, and the mutation causing Gilbert's Syndrome is called UGT1A1*28. The mutation is not in the structure of the enzyme, which is fine, but in the amount of it that is produced. The area responsible for this is called the promoter region. In Caucasian and African populations, this is the most common cause of Gilbert's Syndrome, while in Japanese populations, a mutation known as G71R alters the effectiveness of the UGT1A1 enzyme with nearly identical results.

My Honey dog is an older girl and ever since we adopted her she has had a sensitive stomach. It has gradually become a bit worse with age. We ordered Dinivite to help with that and her itching and constant licking. We got these treats free with the order. She absolutely loves the treats but will not touch anything with the dinovite in it. We have tried all the suggestions and nothing works.

Note from Dinovite: Try clicking the link "Finicky dog?" under "Product Info" in the navigation bar, this page has some tips and tricks to help finicky dogs eat the Dinovite. These methods work well. Don't give up on your dog. Also feel free to call, email or live chat with us because we want to help.

Nap 50 liver

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