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Symptoms of the disease:
The disease can take two forms :

Sudden death not preceded by any perceptible signs of illness:
A typical scenario sees young pigeons released from the loft for their daily training (on a hot summer’s day, perhaps), whereupon they fly around for an hour and then return to the loft. They land on the roof or on the alighting ledge, do not respond to the breeder’s attempts to entice them into the loft, and die within the space of a few hours.

Death preceded by visible signs of illness:
During the period between the onset of symptoms and death (lasting from 3 days to 1 week), the following symptoms are observed: lack of activity, puffed-up plumage, refusal of feed, swelling of the crop, weight loss, greenish-yellow faeces in puddles, vomiting.

Fleeing from the Saviors, the four come across a greenhouse in the forest containing the bodies of two of their deceased friends, Carla and Delly. While trying to place flowers between them in their memory, they suddenly realize that they have reanimated as walkers. Startled, Tina collapses on top of them, breaking them free from the melted glass and enabling them to bite into her neck and rip out her throat. Sherry, Dwight, and Daryl watch on in horror, reacting quickly in an attempt to save her life and putting down the two walkers. As Tina bleeds out in her sister's arms, Sherry repeatedly apologizes to Tina for what has happened. Tina is later buried by Dwight, along with the bodies of Carla and Delly next to the greenhouse.

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