Primobolan and test cycle

Some of the things I generally look for to judge a lab using my eyes is attention to details. Things like online authentification with scratch codes on the packagaing of the products, Having their product made in ampoules instead of 10ml vials which is more expensive but leads to greater sterility and is characteristic of human grade product.  Magnum Pharmaceuticals had these things, their stuff is made in ampoules and I was able to scratch off the little code thing like i won the lottery or something and then go to their website which was easily found on google, enter the code in at the website , and see that I had genuine product from them.

I first pinned under the supervision of a buddys dad who was a doctor while playing football in 1991. I have always been supervised by a doc while cycling and will again. He is not a fan but he also understands his obligation to care for my other organs at the same time. Privacy in the medical field is a beautiful thing. I recommend doing the same thing if its the route you choose to go as I did. Over these 20 years I would cycle every 18 months sometimes shorter in between sometimes longer depending if I had plateaued or not. I am no contest guy just enjoy looking good and feeling healthy. I will say I am completely confused on who to order from. There is good and bad on all. Its not like I am ordering a computer from an online reseller though either. Anyhow just a little background thanks for all the knowledge as well guys. Its amazing how full circle juice has become. Oh yea does Sustanon still make your back look like it was hit with birdshot from a shotgun. The stuff I use to run was oily saucey stuff straight from Tiajuana but the results were great. Regards

Primobolan and test cycle

primobolan and test cycle


primobolan and test cycleprimobolan and test cycleprimobolan and test cycleprimobolan and test cycleprimobolan and test cycle